Healthy and vibrant landscapes inspire healthy and vibrant lifestyles. Allen Land Design’s philosophy of enhancing the lives of present and future generations through our work is grounded in the concepts of sustainability.

To us sustainability starts with appreciation and respect for the earth and extends to the particular land we are entrusted to design, build and maintain. Beyond that caring we have an extensive base of knowledge that contributes to each project. While appearance, cost, function and maintenance are always of concern, sustainable practices are overlaid with an intention toward conservation of resources, and careful stewardship of soil, water and life in your environment.

We strive to incorporate methods that build healthy-living soils, cleanse and conserve water, and sustain natural resources:

  • Storm water management features
  • Climate-appropriate plant palettes, including wildlife habitat plants and edible landscapes
  • Landscape designs to enhance passive solar heating and cooling
  • Recycled and sustainable material choices
  • Green building techniques and landscape coordination on LEED and GreenPoint-rated projects
  • Green living roofs and living walls
  • Efficient irrigation systems
  • Organic and bio-dynamic soil and plant-system management